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A first-generation Italian/Canadian, Mirella was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but grew up in Calgary, a city famous for Calgary Stampede, oil companies, and the Wild West. He attended the University of Calgary, where he specialized in leadership and human resources. She worked as a bilingual Italian-English secretary, police radio operator, and administrative manager.

Mirella Sichirollo Patzer writes original historical novels in exciting periods of history. From medieval times to the early 18th century, his stories feature intriguing characters and fascinating heroines. Her favorite setting is Italy, for that is where the root of her passion lies, the roots of her strong Italian heritage. Still, she also wrote about the beginnings of Canada and medieval Germany.

She loves a clean, orderly house, but hates housework, hates winter, and is a bit claustrophobic. Your passions are:
reading books, aqua jogging, cooking, writing, and a good dose of his homemade tiramisu - a recipe that rivals the best Italian restaurants.

Mirella lives in Cochrane, Alberta, with her husband and family.

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