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Mailbox 5008 - CEP 14026-970 - Brazil

second half 2019


A woman ready to make her religious vows.
A desperate escape from a murderous massacre.
A man comes to your rescue.
Another becomes your enemy and captor.
And a deadly quest
to reunite with your one true love


Since arranged marriage is not something Raphael "Rafe" Flynn can escape from, he agrees to Serefina McFhee's terms.

But when, on their wedding night, he learns the truth about the torture she suffered at the hands of his predecessor, he is compelled not only to fulfill his bargain with his new wife but to introduce her to desire. As they approach, surrendering to perverse pleasures, dangerous emotions can violate every compromise they have made.

First semester 2020


Toni is a shy, passionate, and very talented boy. His sister Sara supports him day after day and encourages him promptly so that Toni will fulfill one of his wishes. With Circus Iris comes the big day! What challenges will Toni accept to achieve her dreams?


Your path to happiness is fraught with obstacles, hardships, and despair, but you refuse to let your dream of a better life for your family die.
She soon discovers that love and loyalty bring their reward.


A fascinating story of lost love, courage, and redemption, as the consequences of a woman's manipulation, spread over three generations.

second Semester 2020


An Oath of Blood

Two women

And a secret that can destroy them!